Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Hey subbies !! :) Hope you all are havin a good day today !! I know finals are coming up for those of you in college like me.... so good luck on everything ! Just wanted to share a new makeup trick you guys !

Ever Had Trouble Making Your Eyeliner Stay (On Your Bottom Lash Line?)

WELLLL..... Here is what to do !!!

Step 1: Apply a base
Step 2: Apply eye liner (in this case black) to bottom lash line
Step 3: Find a pencil brush (or any thin long brush tip)
Step 4: Lightly dab the brush into a black eyeshadow (ex: carbon for MAC)
Step 5: Apply that over top of where the eyeliner is (in dabbing motions then blend)
Step 6: Apply mascara and you are finished !!! It should last all day :)

Till next time !


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