Saturday, February 13, 2010

Ugh-- so i am kind of upset about what i just bought but extremely happy at the same time. So I can now take off something on my list below of things i wanted. H20 PLUS PRODUCTS !! Here is what i bought and i cant wait to get them !!! My face is so horrible right now-- acne popping up randomly and at the same time my face is dry as HECK. Combination skin ? Im not sure lol my skin has a mind of its own ! But i have never treated it nicely--- I have been trying to dry it out with alcohol based stuff and what not and it has just made it worse--super acne and super dryness lol So i figured i would research which products got the highest ratings and great reviews and that would be best for my skin. Here is what i bought :
Sea Mineral Scrub
Oasis™ Mist
Anti-Acne Clarifying Face Wash
Sea Pure Renewing Prep Tonic
Green Tea Antioxidant Face Complex

I am mad because they were all alot of money :( My total was a little over 100 dollars !! Oh well... hopefully it will be worth it !
What do you guys think? Have you ever tried their products before ?


  1. I've tried the sea mineral scrub before and its pretty good. It makes my skin smooth after I use it and its not too harsh.

  2. aww I'm sorry :( I know what that's like. That happend to me like 6-8 months before I got married. It was horrible! I tried soo many products. There's a product called Obagi that's supposed to be super good, but to be honest, everything dried me out a lot.

    If I were you I'd get Egyptian Magic Cream. I have a post of it on my blog you can check it out there. Honestly, that helped my face sooo much look so vibrant and refreshed that even my dad started using it ( dads super macho) lol

    But you can find it a whole foods store. Hope it helps. BTW. in the videos your skin looks super perfect!!

    I can't stop watching your to watch the rest ;)

    oh..and my blog is in case you want to check out the Egyptian Creme. Let us know how the H2O turns out ;)